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Mary-Anne Popescu (OAFM Executive Director), Brian Burke, Justice Gerri Wong,  & Dan Ashbourne (AFCC-O Board Members)
– Bora Laskin Law School, Thunder Bay, ON, September 26, 2018

For more information on current programs or to host an event contact us at:

The AFCC-O Membership Committee* has developed several Community Programs to facilitate networking and learning in innovative ways. The purpose of these programs is to provide local communities with a creative way to network and learn with colleagues in a fresh and informative manner. Addressing a wide array of topics, we extend an invitation to host an event for AFCC Ontario members and other family justice professionals in your community. Participation is stress free and easy. All you have to do is contact AFCC-O with your interest in hosting an event, and we’ll work with you to take care of the smallest of details. We are able to provide a subsidy and printed resource materials.

The Adult Children of Divorce program was created by a working group of AFCC-O and launched for professional education purposes at a Round Table in Windsor in November 2015. In the last three years we have loaned the DVD for use in lawyer and judge education in British Columbia, to the Alberta Chapter, and within the province to various groups of mental health professionals, judges and lawyers in many cities, some of which are London, Windsor, Sarnia, Toronto, Brampton, Newmarket, Kingston and Thunder Bay.

Please feel free to choose from any of these AFCC-O Community Programs currently available:

  1.  Adult Children of Divorce Have Their Say

A DVD program which provides the unique opportunity to hear, first-hand, from adult children of divorce about the impact their parents’ separation had on their lives, from childhood through to marriage and parenthood is now available. We explore what happens to the children of divorce when the file is closed, and the family moves on to transition and rebuild. What really transpires in these new family dynamics and how it affects children’s perspectives on their own relationships? 

  1. How to Build a Thriving Practice, Prevent Complaints and Feel Rewarded

Learn from our panel of seasoned professionals on how to screen potential new clients early, establish the rules, boundaries and expectations at the outset and in the retainer agreement, prevent, prepare for and manage formal complaints and build a thriving practice by maximizing profit and minimizing client dissatisfaction. 

  1. AFCC-O Board Member Involvement in Local Educational Events

If your organization is planning a program for your community of professionals, you might consider inviting the AFCC-O to participate in your event.  In September 2017 Board members Dr. Dan Ashbourne, Brian Burke and Justice Gerri Wong, together with Katherine Kavassalis of the OCL, Mary-Anne Popescu of OAFM and Kathleen Chapman of Mediation North, took our Adult Children of Divorce DVD on the road to Thunder Bay for membership outreach, co-hosting a community program with Lakehead University Law School.  Other community events include the Windsor Roundtable Dinner series (RTDS). In November 2013, the AFCC-O paired with ADR-Link, CCFJS providing a program on Substance Use & Addications, Unique Cultural, Legal and clinical Considerations for First Nations Families at the Maawn Doosh Gumig – Aamjiwnaang First Nation Community Centre in Sarnia, ON.

Community Programs we are developing include:


The AFCC-O will be offering Webinars soon!

  • After work meetings in a collegial and relaxed atmosphere, where an assembled group of multidisciplinary professionals can discuss various topical issues and initiatives, share insights, and network.
  • Webinars have been immensely successful at the AFCC International level, so stay tuned for the launch of AFCC-O’s webinars coming soon!
  • An update of the multi-day program in Child Protection Law, in collaboration with the Law Society of Ontario.

Listed below are some of our previous Community Programs and flyers:

Family Law Dilemmas, Timmins, ON, April 4, 2013 -A presentation/discussion of some current and critical family law concepts such as Parent-Child Alienation, Children’s Evidence & Self Represented Parties 

Family Law Dilemas Timmins April 4-13

Substance Use & Addictions – Unique Cultural, Legal and Clinical Considerations for First Nations Families, Sarnia, ON, Nov. 13, 2013

1st Nations Event Nov 13-13

Experiencing Divorce Through the Eyes of a Child (RTDS)*, Windsor, ON, Nov. 11, 2015

Experiencing Divorce Thru Eyes of Child Windsor Nov 11-15

High Conflict Divorce (RTDS), Windsor, ON, April 20, 2016

High Conflict Divorce Windsor April 20-16

Adult Children of Divorce – AFCC-O & OPA, Toronto, ON, March 3, 2016

Adult Children of Divorce-OPA March 3-16

Adult Children of Divorce Evening Forum, Brampton, May 19, 2016

Adult Children of Divorce Brampton May 19-16

Adult Children of Divorce Evening Forum, Brampton, September 20, 2016

Adult Children of Divorce Brampton Sept 20-16

Children Resisting Contact & Alienation: Identification, Prevention & Response, Kingston, ON, March 28, 2017

Children Resisting Contact & Alienation Kingston March 28-17

ADR Approaches: Focus on Parenting Coordination (RTDS), Windsor, ON, June 7, 2017

Children Resisting Contact Windsor June 7-17

AFCC-O Meet & Greet with Bora Laskin Law School, Thunder Bay, ON, September 26, 2017

Bora Laskin Law School Thunder Bay Sept 26-17

Interest Based Negotiation: What it is, Why it Matters (RTDS), Windsor, ON, October 11, 2017

Interest Based Negotiation Windsor Oct 11-17

Settlement Focused Practice: Resolving Conflict Efficiently for Families (RTDS), Windsor, ON, March 23, 2018

 Settlement Focused Practice Windsor March 23-18

*Note: RTDS = Roundtable Dinner Series