We are happy to provide you with our Special Edition, commemorative 10th Anniversary Newsletter which highlights our past decade of offerings, events and achievements as an AFCC chapter.  Our newsletter brings you news of our interdisciplinary events and how we remain involved in initiatives to further our mission of improving outcomes for children and families experiencing separation and divorce.

This issue features news and articles of special interest including:

– Our Tenth anniversary Celebration of Excellence award recipients, and coverage of our Pre-conference and Conference events;

– Save the date for our annual Walsh Family Law Moot & Negotiation Competition;

– AFCC-O’s plans for a new Parenting Plan Guide; and

– Our Member Spotlight article.

Also feature articles:

– FRO Enforcement as an A2J Barrier;

– Bill C-78 – Reforming the Parenting Provisions of the Divorce Act;

– Peacebuilding: Thinking Globally, Act Locally; and

– The Benefits of Engaging Parenting Coordinators for Separating Families.

The AFCC-O welcomes members from the community to volunteer and join AFCC-O initiatives or existing AFCC-O committees. Read in our newsletter about our practice groups and how you can join one or start one in your community. This offers excellent networking opportunities and ways to become engaged in your professional community, and involved with developing family court reforms, research initiatives, and promoting a healthy future for children.

AFCC-O members receive discounts to attend our events. We are happy to offer discounted student membership rates to encourage students to join the AFCC-O. We welcome your involvement!

A special thank you to our newsletter advertisers who enable us to continue bringing you our important AFCC Ontario Chapter news. We hope to see you at our upcoming events early in 2019, where we will be providing printed copies of this Special Edition Newsletter!

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Upcoming AFCC Events

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Recent Articles

Walsh Family Law Moot & Negotiation Competition Awards

Behind the Scenes at AFCC-O’s Flagship Event, the Walsh Family Law Moot & Negotiation Competition

Parenting Plan Guide and Template: Revision Project

Year-End Message from AFCC-O President

New Resource: Domestic Violence in Immigrant Communities: Case Studies

Call for Research Proposals

AFCC-O Past President Appointed to Superior Court of Justice of Ontario

AFCC-O Members Receive Awards from AFCC International

Courthouse Facility Dogs and Child Witnesses

Bill C-78: Reforming the Parenting Provisions of the Divorce Act

Meeting and Interviewing Children

The Peel Parenting Collective’s Story

FRO Enforcement as an A2J Barrier

Peacebuilding: Think Globally, Act Locally

Age of Protection – CYFSA Legislation Changes

Canaries in the Coal Mine: Pets and Family Violence

BOOK REVIEW- The Social Organization of South Asian Immigrant Women’s Mothering in Canada

Legislative Changes Recognizing the Importance of Connections with Family and Community

The Growing Area of Fertility Law In Ontario

BOOK REVIEW- Fairly Equal: Lawyering the Feminist Revolution

BOOK REVIEW- Overcoming Parent-Child Contact Problems: Family-Based Interventions for Resistance, Rejection, and Alienation

Steps to Justice: Your guide to law in Ontario

Bringing Family Law into the 21st Century: Amendments to the Children’s Law Reform Act

Domestic Violence: Problems at the Intersection of Criminal Justice and Family Justice

Where Have All The Assessors Gone? Addressing Frivolous and Vexatious Complaints and Moving Towards Potential Solutions

The Evaluation of Grandparents as Supervisors of Parental Access

The Ontario Court of Appeal Gave Us 1.7 Million Reasons to End Court Orders for Custody

Implications of Amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act: The Plight of Sponsored Spouses

Immigration Status, Spousal Sponsorship & Spousal Abuse

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