Lawyers Tips for Cross Examination of an Actuary

“A Family Law Lawyer’s Go-To Guide For Examination-In-Chief And Cross-Examination Of An Actuary Under The New Pension Regime In Ontario”, provides a summary of the new regime and raises possible topic areas for cross-examination. The tips about examination-in-chief and cross-examination provide a guideline for conducting an examination-in-chief and cross-examination of an actuary, and, as well, an outline of how to go about the analysis of pension issues in a case. Even if your case is not going to trial, the ten tips and the discussion about the possible topics for cross-examination will still assist you in determining whether you should retain an actuary, what questions you should ask the actuary to provide an opinion on, and what issues you need to address whether a valuation has been provided by the plan administrator or an actuary.

Tips for Direct and Cross Examinations of Actuary under the new pension regime in Ontario

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