AFCC-O 2008

AFCC-O News From 2008

In our early development, the Ontario group of members of AFCC had a launching event in January 2008 at the University of Toronto’s law school. Leadership was being provided by patti cross and Justice Craig Perkins with our membership numbers reaching just over 150 interdisciplinary professionals from across the province. Maggie Hall was our Treasurer at that time and guided our finances in those early years.  Rachel Birnbaum worked on developing our AFCC-O website and our first newsletter.  In May 2008 we were granted recognition as a ‘provisional chapter’ at the AFCC Conference in Vancouver.  Although further work was needed to become an official charter chapter of the AFCC international organization, this energetic small Board was prepared and ready to meet those challenges. Our early annual reports to AFCC, our Ontario newsletters, or the provincial conference agendas showcased the amazing work of the founding members beginning around 2009-2010. Copies of our past and present Ontario newsletters can be found on our website.

Our first conference held April 3, 2009 organized by co-chairs Dr. Barbara Fidler and Deborah Moskovitch was well received with over 200 people in attendance.  Our keynote speaker was Dr. Jean Clinton, a psychiatrist and assistant clinical professor at McMaster University. Her informative and entertaining keynote speech, “How Family Conflict Affects the Developing Brain” drew the audience in as she spoke about responsive parenting, reminding us all to consider the next seven generations when parenting. She presented on the importance of the early years experiences on children’s development, and concerns about stress on children due to marital conflict.  She also emphasized that executive functioning and adolescent brain development were under construction for a much longer period of time than most were aware.

On May 8, 2009 a second inaugural event co-hosted by Queen’s Law School and AFCC Ontario chapter in Kingston and we celebrated the extensive work of Professor Nick Bala in a special tribute which gave birth to AFCC-O’s annual Nick Bala Award for Student Excellence.

Written by: Dr. Dan T. Ashbourne, C. Psych., AFCC-O President 2017-2018