AFCC-O 2010

AFCC-O News From 2010

2010 was another year of milestones and significant accomplishments for AFCC-O.  We attained chapter status at AFCC’s Denver conference, which gave us the full benefits of being a chapter within the AFCC international association.  We also received charitable status.

With first patti cross and then Justice Craig Perkins serving as President, AFCC-O grew its leadership role in education and training, and established dynamic working groups.  The numerous achievements in 2010 included:

  1. We sponsored mediation training in both Thunder Bay and Sault Ste Marie;
  2. Along with ADR Link, we held a conference in Windsor on ADR. We went to Windsor for a dinner for law students to encourage them to consider child protection as a practice;
  3. We held a four-day intensive child protection law training program for new lawyers in Toronto. That initiative was part of our project to attract more lawyers to child protection work, and to ensure access to justice for families involved in child protection proceedings;
  4. We established a working group to explore a template for the Ideal Family Court. A cross section of professionals participated in these discussions;
  5. We hosted two Parenting Capacity Assessors Working Group meetings, which involved consideration of developing best practices guidelines;
  6. We established a Parenting Information Forum Working Group; and
  7. The Outreach Committee developed a toolkit to assist Ontario communities in family law learning events.

Additionally, we launched the AFCC-O website, published and circulated two membership newsletters by email.  175 of our 242 members registered for the Second Annual Conference and AGM, the theme of which was The Future of Family Law.

What an incredible year!

Written by: Maxine Kerr, AFCC-O Board Member 2017-2018