AFCC-O 2011

AFCC-O News From 2011

2011 for AFCC-O was another busy year for our growing organization with Justice Craig Perkins as President and patti cross Past-president at our helm. On deck we had Dr. Barbara Fidler as President-elect, and lawyer Dena Moyal as Vice President, Maggie Hall remaining as our Treasurer, and Deborah Moskovitch as Secretary. Our Ontario Chapter oversaw extensive work and developments on “The Ideal Family Court” which we shared with the Attorney General for Ontario (Mr. Chris Bentley) and publicized via our eblasts, newsletters and posted on our AFCC-O website. Although some updates have occurred, this Ideal Family Court model remains AFCC-O’s goal for reforms. Visit our Research Past Initiatives webpage for up to date information on AFCC-O’s continuing efforts on this initiative.

AFCC-O chapter outreach continued to occur across the province with movie and discussion events, the Assessors’ Working Group trainings, and the Child Protection Training Program. Justice Harvey Brownstone’s “Family Matters” television show was airing and being well received. The AFCC-O AGM and 3rd Annual Conference was held on October 21, 2011 in Toronto with keynote speaker Dr. Bruce Perry presenting on examining experience and brain development with the overall theme of “How Childhood Events Shape the Children and Families We Serve”.

Written by: Dr. Dan T. Ashbourne, C. Psych., AFCC-O President 2017-2018