AFCC-O 2012

AFCC-O News From 2012

In 2012, Dr. Barbara Fidler served as our President, and lawyer Dena Moyal, of the Office of the Children’s Lawyer, served as our President-elect.  During the 2012 term, AFCC-O achieved numerous accomplishments in multiple areas.

Membership continued to grow, with 350 chapter members, making Ontario the second largest AFCC chapter.

The first Walsh Family Law Moot was held on March 16, 2013, with five law schools participating.  AFCC-O was the first organization to pioneer such an event in Canada, organized by our Past President patti cross. The goal of this event was to make the Walsh Family Moot an annual event where law students could gain experience and apply their knowledge to the practice of family law in Ontario.  We can proudly claim that goal was accomplished, and then some!

Outreach Educational Programs occurred in 6 locations, Barrie, London, Kingston, Newmarket, Hamilton and Windsor.  Several other programs were in the planning stages.

The Parenting Capacity Assessors’ Group held two events. Other group activity included:

  1. The New Child Protection Lawyers Group continued its work from 2011, aimed at encouraging new lawyers to practise in the area of child protection.  That Group arranged educational seminars and professional networking events, and engaged in advocacy efforts to promote child protection as a viable practice area for new lawyers; and
  2. The Judicial Interviews and Meetings with the Children Working Group participated in a joint initiative with The Advocates’ Society, in compiling input from Town Hall meetings and then preparing a report on this important issue.

The AFCC-O AGM and 4th Annual Conference, “The GPS of Family Law…The Road Not Taken” was held October 19, 2012.  The Conference addressed “the disconnect between our traditional approach to family law cases and the multi-faceted approach our clients deserve”.

2012 was a year of continued meaningful development and important initiatives, all made possible by the contributions of our members.

Written by: Maxine M. Kerr, AFCC-O Secretary in 2018