Parenting Plan Guide and Template: A Webinar for Children’s Aid Society Professionals

Note: Due to technical difficulties, the recording begins 14 minutes into the presentation. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Karen Ksienski (CAS counsel), Will Explore the Following Issues With Our Panel: Prof. Nick Bala
(Queen’s Law), Andrea Himel (Lawyer/Mediator), and Justice Gerri Wong( OCJ Chatham):

• Background to the development of AFCC-O Guide and Template
• Tips for social workers, supervisors and legal counsel
• Drafting a parenting time plan between family members, kin and in openness cases
• Appropriate plans for “Age and Stage” of development
• Tensions in parenting plans – flexibility/specificity, regular/holiday schedule….
• Domestic Violence considerations
• Covid-19 cases and clauses
• Transitioning out of the Covid-19 crisis and towards the “New Normal”

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Lawyers may count this program as 2 hours of CPD

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