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Bringing Family Law into the 21st Century: Amendments to the Children’s Law Reform Act

We are living in a rapidly changing world, impacting the lives of individuals and families and re-shaping society. The complex issues we face test the boundaries of the family and the legal system. We need to understand new constellations of families, accept an expanding definition of ‘parent’, and consider moral and legal issues as they arise. These social changes pose a challenge to the legal…

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The Evaluation of Grandparents as Supervisors of Parental Access

Written By: Dr. Raymond M. Morris The evaluation of grandparents as supervisors of a non-custodial parent’s visitation, and for that matter any relative or non-professionally trained third party who wishes or agrees to provide supervision, must be assessed in relation to three main components. Implementation of those components and subsequent report as noted by Justice K.L. Hawke of the Ontario Court of Justice added “positive…

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