Year-End Message from AFCC-O President

As 2020 (finally!) comes to a close, on behalf of AFCC-O, we would like to wish you and your loved ones a safe, joyous and restful holiday season.
This year has been like no other, with many experiencing personal and professional tolls and challenges. However, it has also been a year which highlights human strength and resilience, adaptability, families and communities coming together, and the important work we do for children and families.
While the objective of moving court services online has long been pending, COVID-19 has fast tracked the planning into reality.  The change has been transformative, a modern day industrial revolution.  Service and filing of court materials takes place electronically, making fax machines relics of the past.  For the most part, meetings, dispute resolution services and court attendances are virtual.  Services are available without geographic barriers, the delivery of which is more expeditious, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.  Many of these advances promote greater access to justice.
It is remarkable to see many professionals within our community step up and provide leadership on issues that affect child well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic including tips and guidance for more functional coparenting in times of stress and significant uncertainty. It is hoped that these silver linings brought out by this global pandemic continues.
As we look forward to positive change in 2021, I have hope that, together, we will be able to rise to new challenges and address needs before us. I look forward to being able to see you and thank you in person for all the work that you do. 
May the light brought on by this holiday season shine on through 2021 .
Dr. Shely Polak,
AFCC-O president  

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