Executive & Committees

2020-21 Executive:

President: Dr. Shely Polak
Co-President Elects:  Maxine Kerr; Carolyn Leach
Treasurer: Anisa Ali
Secretary: Kim Harris
Past President: Justice Phil Clay


Finance Committee:
Chair: Anisa Ali (Treasurer)
Members: Archana Medhekar, Shely Polak, Maxine Kerr, Robert Shawyer, Meysa Malecki

Nominating Committee:
Chair: Justice Philip Clay
Members: Carolyn Leach, Maxine Kerr

2021 Annual Conference Committee: 
Chair: Andrea Barclay
Members: Archana Medhekar, Martha Butler, Anisa Ali

Education and Programming: 
Co-Chairs: Dr. Shely Polak, Virginia Workman
Members: Kaitlyn McCabe, Robyn Switzer

Communications Committees:
Co-Chairs: Hayley Glaholt, Robyn Switzer
Members: Kristy Joplin (AFCC-O Admin), Kaitlyn McCabe

Membership Committee:
Co-chairs: Virginia Workman, Robert Shawyer
Members: Andrea Barclay, Dr. Shely Polak, Kim Harris, Kaitlyn McCabe, Martha Butler

Research and Policy Committee:
Chair: Kim Harris
Members: N
ick Bala, Andrea Himel, Claire Houston, Keith Taller, Lisa Bernstein, Justice George McPherson

The Walsh Family Law Moot & Negotiation Competition:

Chair: Carolyn Leach
Members: Sina Hariri, Michael Zalev, Mary-Anne Popsecu, Kathy Batycky, Tanya Road

Get Involved!

AFCC-O encourages members to be part of our committees. Members seeking to be involved at the board level should note the pathway to board membership is often through committee participation.