AFCC Parent Website

    Visit AFCC website for conference and training opportunities, Chapter information, Membership information, and endless Resources

    AFCC “Resources for Professionals” webpage provides Parenting Plan Information, include the Arizona Chapter’s Guide for Parents Living Apart, and Oregon Chapter’s Basic Parenting Plan Guide for Parents.

    AFCC’s “Practice Guidelines and Standards” webpage provides Guidelines for Child Protection Mediation, Court-Involved Therapy, Brief Focused Assessment, Parenting Coordination, Model Standards of Practice for Child Custody Evaluations, Model Standards of Practice for Family and Divorce Mediaton, Guidelines for Eldercaring Coordination, Standards and Guidelines for Supervised Visitation Practice, Standards of Practice for Lawyers Representing Children in Custody Cases (ABA), Standards of Practice for Lawyers Who Represent Children in Abuse and  Neglect Cases (ABA)

    AFCC’s “Resources for Families” webpage provides Web Resources, Parenting Plan Information and these Pamphlets for Parents”

  • FAQ Parents Ask about Separation, Divorce and Child Custody
  • FAQs Separating and Divorcing Parents Ask about Legal Matters
  • A Guide for Joint Custody and Shared Parenting
  • Understanding your Child’s Needs: Information for Never-Married Parents
  • Is Mediation for Us?; Making Your Parenting Plan Work
  • My Mom and Dad are Getting a Divorce
  • Parents are Forever
  • Preparing for your Custody Evaluation
  • Understanding the Parenting Coordination Process
  • When Parents Relocate: Moving Away and Long Distance Parenting
  • A Guide for Stepparents